Bona Terra is a provider of Day Habilitation Services for individuals with varying needs and abilities in the Austin area. The program focuses on providing habilitative or support activities that assist individuals in increasing their ability to perform functional living skills as independently as possible. The nature and structure of the activities allows participants to increase their social and communication skills; develop self-help strategies and positive coping skills, and gain adaptive skills necessary to live successfully within their community. Bona Terra staff gladly provide support with personal care needs for individuals who require assistance.

Program activities focus around developing, maintaining and enhancing the skills individuals need to function as independently as possible within the community.

Experiential learning activities are provided that cover the areas of:

-time and money management
-personal care tasks
-health and well-being
-positive coping skills & behavior management techniques

In addition, participants receive most learning skills support in a group setting, allowing for the practice and development of social interaction skills and an opportunity to make new friends!

 A variety of cognitive and interactive activities are provided on a daily basis. Including:

-board games
-cognitive puzzlers
-arts & craft projects
-sports activities
-current events
-social skills activities
-community outings

Participants also have access to a small library, computers and a sensory room for their enjoyment.

Bona Terra serves special populations through goal oriented day programs that increase life skills, self-confidence and independence.